Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I mugged a prof!

So today is Tuesday June 21st and I finally completed my mugging project! I decided to make the design of mug very simple since the last mug I made did not turn out as successful. At first I thought this project was just weird and I was a bit nervous to do this project because you never know how people are going to react and I was also afraid that whoever I asked to take my mug would reply with no or something mean. Below are some pictures of my mug before it was glazed and after.

It was later in the evening and not many people were around and so I decided to give my mug to someone I didnot know at all. I just went up on the 3rd floor of The Arts and Science Building and randomly knocked on a professor's door. I was quite nervous, however, I enjoyed doing the project because it put me out of my comfort zone and probably the professor that I mugged as well. The professor I mugged was Carla Krachun who teaches Psychology here at Grenfell. It was a bit awkward at first, and I struggled explaining the project to her as I was already starting to laugh when I asked her to take my mug and I struggled getting the words out. I'm sure she was confused since it was totally unexpected and very random. Plus, I've never taken psychology so she does not know who I am and I had to repeat myself a few times. Nonetheless, she got my point when I said

"It's a mugging project and I just mugged you". 

   After that we both just laughed and I told her about myself. Even as I was leaving I could hear her laughing and I'm sure she is still laughing now as she reads this! Overall, I enjoyed the project and I would like do this project again sometime. 

This is Carla Krachun. 

- Sara Gardiner 

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