Friday, 17 June 2011


So I finally got my mug fired and glazed.

Here it is after being dipped in the maiolica glaze, with maiolica stains on the handle and details:

Here is the final mug fired:

So our class went to Brewed Awakening on Bernard yesterday evening, to do our "Mugging". At first I was hesitant to give my mug to a stranger (Because of the social awkwardness of it). Myself and Kristy waited around after the rest of the class had given away their mugs, to scope out prospective victims. After Kristy "mugged" her "victim" a girl we knew from school (Gabby) came in to talk to him. He was bragging that he got this cool mug and she seemed pretty excited about it so I mugged her right there and then. Haha.

She seemed to enjoy the mug and we chatted for a little while before we left.

Overall it was much less stressful than I had anticipated.
Happy Mugging!

-Cynthia D

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