Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mugging Mugging Mugging... Urve

I wanted to make a flower mug... so I rolled out the clay and cut out the pieces, and formed them and stuck them into a bowl to get the shape I wanted... of course, things dried in the wrong order, and when I removed the 'mug' from the bowl, the bottom, which was wet, stuck to the bowl, and the other parts came off (apart). So I patched them all together, but there wasn't enough time to bisque fire this beauty before our Mugging event... If you've read the other entries, you're already aware of the drill.

This is Jessica, drinking from her new mug...

... this is Jessica, recipient of a mug...

... this is Jessica's mug. It's got a nice shape, sized perfectly for cupping, along with a smallish handle if one is so inclined.

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